Dean’s Message


Blessings and peace be upon the best of the prophets and messengers, our beloved, our teacher and our leader, Prophet Mohammed (PBUH).
First of all, I am pleased to welcome all the visitors to the website of Engineering and Petroleum Faculty at Hadhramout University.
The faculty of Engineering and Petroleum at Hadhramout University was established in 1995 in Mukalla as the first engineering faculty in Hadhramout governorate, which contributes in graduating and qualifying effective and qualified Yemeni engineers to meet the country’s needs.

The faculty includes six scientific departments: Petroleum Engineering, Chemical Engineering, Electronic and Communications Engineering, Computer Engineering, Civil Engineering, Architecture and Environmental Planning. These departments offer academic programs at the bachelor level.

It seeks to obtain academic accreditation for all of its programs from the International Engineering Accreditation Authority (ABET) and has taken serious steps in this way by developing its programs and educational goals in accordance with quality requirements. It also intends to open master’s programs in some of its departments.
The faculty has distinguished staff members, as well as outstanding graduates to work as teaching assistants in the faculty, in preparation for their scholarship and the continuation of their higher studies in international universities.

In addition, it contributes to community service and the engineering profession, by providing consultations to the private and governmental sectors, and specialized courses and workshops, as well as holding conferences, and participating in scientific forums locally and abroad.

In conclusion, dear visitors, we hope that this website will gain your admiration, and answer your questions and inquiries, and for more information, please contact our numbers shown on the website.

Prof. Salem Saleh Mubarak Bamumen