General Administration of Public Relations


Overview :

The General administration of Public Relations is under the direct supervision of the University President and it is responsible for representing the University internally and externally and enhancing its role in community through the effective contribution to establish solid relationships with various institutions, bodies and public facilities.
It consists of three departments :

    1. Public Relations Department.
    2. Coordination and Communication Department.
    3. Follow-up Department.


Creating an appropriate atmosphere and close relations with the rest of the university sectors and spreading the spirit of brotherhood, sincerity and dedication in raising and developing the university’s capabilities.


To actively participate in finding all ways and solutions to create a suitable study environment for all students and to share their concerns and joys.

Objectives & Tasks

    1. Taking care of HU guests both from outside and inside.
    2. Providing the best conditions for Arab and foreign academic faculty staff who are contracted with the University.
    3. Coordination with various bodies outside the University.
    4. Taking care of foreign students who are studying at the University.
    5. facilitating all the difficulties and obstacles facing the students and academic faculty staff.
    6. Arranging the reception of HU guests of delegations, researchers and visiting academic faculty staff.
    7. Completion of all transactions for official delegations who will represent HU inside and outside Yemen.
    8. Follow-up and completion of the transactions of foreign and Arab academic faculty staff who are contracted with HU as well as the foreign students (visa- resident card).
    9. Preparation and documentation of files for foreign faculty staff and students.
    10. Organization of HU events and ceremonies.
    11. Direct supervision of the printing and distribution of invitation cards .

Contact Us :




Mohamed Ali Bayashoot

General Director of the Public Department of Public Relations


Abdulrahman Ali Bamakhrmah

Administrator of Coordination & Communication Department