Media General Administration


Description of the Media General Administration at Hadhramaut University

The Media General Administration is the bright side of the truth and a voice for the reality that we witness every day in Hadhramout University, which is concerned with highlighting the achievements of the university and its scientific, academic, developmental, civilized and enlightening role. In addition to the achievements of Hadhramout University internally and externally.
From this standpoint, the university aspires to open more bridges of communication with various media outlets, to perform its role and task towards society, in a professional manner, and through the various available information and media aspects.

Responsibilities and Tasks of the Media General Administration Director :

  1. The employee works under the general direction of the university president.
  2. General supervision of its media sectors.
  3. Setting the work plan, follows up and coordinates the work to ensure the proper progress of work.
  4. Following up the university’s media activity, providing the media with information in accordance with the policy drawn up by the university, following up on what is published, broadcast or presented through it, displaying it, and following up on what needs to be answered.
  5. Supervising the organization of the press conferences and meetings for representatives of local newspapers and radios with university officials.
  6. Organizing the links between the university and the internal and external scientific and cultural bodies.
  7. Oversees the compilation of information on the University’s aspects of activity and the preparation of means and programs to publicize the University and its activities through various publications and information bulletins.
  8. Oversees the preparation of programs for the University’s participation in events and the strengthening of the University’s relationship with society.

Administration Tasks::

  1. Supervising official statements or media materials that the university wishes to publish in the media.
  2. Direct supervision and effective communication with Mukalla Radio for the continuation of the (University and Society) program, which is broadcast weekly, and following up on the university facilities to provide the administration with information and use it in media dissemination.
  3. Supporting the media and providing the necessary information or coordination for the achievement of press materials about the university.
  4. Communication with media institutions in the governorate for media coverage and dissemination of university news. (journalists, broadcasters, activists in electronic media and communication websites).
  5. Coordination to host the university leadership and faculty members in live programs on local radio and sometimes satellite channels.
  6. Daily and weekly monitoring of what is published in the media about the university.
  7. Media coverage of the events organized by the university, in addition to the scientific, academic and community participation of the leaders and employees of the university in local and international conferences and symposiums.
  8. Preparing a press file (quarterly) with what the media publish and broadcast about the university and its education in general.
  9. Training and developing the skills of media unit coordinators in the university’s faculties.

For communication :

Number Name Task Tel. Email
1 Ashraf Ahmed Bajbair Editing the news in coordination with external media agencies for publication 777022015
2 Ali Omar Bin Dohri Photographer/TV 773235407
3 Abdul Qadir Saeed Basar supervisor of radio programs and newspaper correspondent 733678658
4 Yasser Ali Lardi Sabbatical leave
5 Manal Taher Al-Qudsi traveled

Administration Activities:

Faculty Correspondents Course