HU President Visits kindergarten at the Faculty of Women


Prof. Mohammed Saeed Khanbesh, President of Hadhramout University, visted the kindergarten at Wmen’s Facult, accompanied by Dr. Najla Atiq Bajbir, Deputy Dean of the faculty and Prof.Angela Hussein Al-Kassady, Director of KinderGdergarten.

During his visit, he toke a tour at the kindergarten facilities and children’s classrooms, during which he learned about how to engage in kindergarten education at all levels, small, central and large, as well as the kindergarten children’s feeding room and the children’s playground.

The president asked the Deanship of the faculty to raise an integrated perception of all the requirements and needs for kindergarten equipments for the gaming arena, as well as the painting of all rooms, halls and lounge, Demonstrating the university’s willingness to meet the necessary requirements for presentation as a matter of priority, commending the level of commitment and discipline of the educational staff, Their interest in children’s education, thanking the efforts of the Deanship and Kindergarten Administration for their work