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Organizational Structure
Core Tasks

1. To achieve the vision, mission and objectives of the University.
2. To submit proposals for the significance of relations with international universities and institutions to achieve coordination and integration with academic programs in accordance with the University strategy.
3. To communicate continuously with various universities and institutions in Yemen and abroad with the objective of strengthening collaborative partnerships.
4. To follow up the implementation of the agreements and protocols signed with universities and institutions.
5. To prepare drafts of agreements signed with local, regional and international institutions and universities .
6. To facilitate arrangements for international official visitors, researchers and participants in various events held by the University in coordination with relevant HU units.
7. To submit reports on the prospects of ICO development.


1. Open the communication with international authorities and organizations.
2. Support collaborative participation with world-class universities.
3. Promote and develop the position of the University at all levels.
4. Registration of patents for the creative work of the University students and staff members.
5. Exchange scientific visits of students and staff members.
6. Organize seminars, conferences and scientific exhibitions.
7. Provide training programs to develop the scientific and administrative skills of the University staff.
8. Assist in meeting the requirements for obtaining international academic accreditation for the University scientific programs.
9. Assist in the admission of the University’s postgraduate students in high scale universities to obtain master and PhD degrees.

Vision & Message

To be a lighthouse of science, knowledge and sustainable community development through effective international partnerships.
To participate in the University development through a leading international, scientific, research, cultural, training and promotional collaboration.


Hadhramout University devotes greater attention to cooperation and fosters collaborative partnerships with international universities and institutions to fulfill its vision.
To achieve excellence and become a lighthouse of science, knowledge, and community development, Hadhramout University has become one of the prestigious universities with its research centers. In May 2011, the International Cooperation Office (ICO) was founded in accordance with the University President’s Resolution No.(150). The OIC operates under the auspices of His Excellency the President of Hadhramout University, Prof. Muhammad Saeed Khanbash.
Since the establishment of the ICO, Hadhramout University has signed many cooperation agreements and memorandums of understanding in all collaborative areas with various universities and scientific institutions.

General Manager
Dr.Lutfi Saeed Bin Dahman

Hadhramout University has created effective bridges of communication with Arab and international organizations and associations to be amongst the leading educational institutions of excellence at all levels.

International Organizations and Institutions in the Arab World

The Association of Arab Universities is an organization working within the framework of the Arab League. It is located in Amman, Jordan. The objective of the organization is to support and connect universities in the Arab world, and to enhance cooperation among them.

It is a body operating on the Islamic Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (ISESCO), which specializes in supporting universities and other institutions of higher education in the Islamic world and promoting cooperation and partnership among them.

It is a diplomatic Arab organization located in Khartoum. It is responsible for coordinating efforts and exchanging experiences among Arab scientific research bodies and centers, working to strengthen cooperation among them, provide opportunities for scientific meetings and organize the exchange of scientific research and information results.

It is an Arab non-profit educational non-governmental organization that has independence financial administration and is one of the civil society organizations of the League of Arab States. The Network promotes developments in distance education by providing a common platform for cooperation and coordination among universities, institutions, networks and public organizations in the Arab world.

it aim to promote and improve the performance of Arab universities in all areas of their work through close interaction with European universities.

Hadhramout University Achievements

Hadhramout University has signed many cooperation agreements and memorandums of understanding with high scale universities and research centers.

Memorandums of understanding and scientific Agreements with local, regional and international scientific organizations and institutions:

Asian Countries

Arab World Countries

Repuplic of Yemen

American Countries

Europe Countries

African Countries

International Organizations and Institutions in the Arab World

The Arab Administrative Development Organization (ARADO) was established in 1961 as a specialized organization of the League of Arab States to accomplish the responsibility of administrative development in the Arab region. As stated in its establishment agreement, the mission of ARADO is to contribute to the administrative development in the Arab countries in such a way as serving comprehensive development issues.

It is a specialized organization working within the framework of the Organization of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), dealing with the fields of education, science, culture and communication in Islamic countries, to support and strengthen the links between the Member States, located in Rabat.

It is a regional non-profit organization. Its goal is to improve the economic and social development in the Arab world.

The Arab Scientific Community (ARSCO) is an independent, non-profit, scientific organization founded in 2011 in Qatar to promote Arab scientific content on the Internet.

International organizations and institutions in foreign States

It is a leading global information, analysis and solutions company for major industries and markets leading economies all over the world.

The International Association for Exchange of Students for Expertise (IAESTE) is an international organization for which students exchange experience of artistic work abroad for 4 to 52 weeks.

The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) is a specialized agency of the United Nations Organization  established in 1945

WHO is one of several United Nations agencies specializing in health. It was established on 7 April 1948. Its current headquarter is in Geneva, Switzerland.

United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF). It was established on December 11, 1946 by a unanimous vote at the first session of the United Nations General Assembly. UNICEF works in more than 190 countries and territories to reach the most disadvantaged children and adolescents and to protect the rights of children everywhere.

geoLOGIC systems was founded in 1983 in Calgary, Alberta and today it is the leading data and software company in the petroleum industry, trusted by energy experts to provide outstanding data on oil and gas and innovative programs.

A nonprofit foundation dedicated to launching the next global wave of entrepreneurs interested in social initiatives to transform the world into a better place. The Halt Prize is an open student competition for undergraduates from all over the world.

Agreements and memorandums of understanding with universities

Yemeni Universities

Arab World Universities

Universities in Asia

Universities in Europe