President’s Message


Praise be to God, and peace be upon our Prophet Mohammed and all his family and companions.I am delighted to welcome you all to Hadhramout University (HU) which is a public university of faculties spread in a geographical area of (260,329) km2.It is indeed an honor, a privilege, and a source of pride that our university is witnessing a remarkable development in various aspects of university  in the face of a severe crisis that the country has been experiencing for years. HU has been able to accomplish many achievements by virtue of the dedication of staff members and their assistants and the interaction of students with the scientific movement within the university.


Due to the scientific, political and economic challenges and the needs of society, the University is obliged to develop new strategies that will enable it to overcome those challenges and reach its intended goals in preparing and qualifying its students to become an instrument of change in society and future leaders of the nation. Over the past 25 years, the University has adopted quality in education, developed academic programs and conducted a number of self-assessment studies to achieve excellence and innovation, and raised the level of its graduates to compete in the local and regional labor market.

HU has a historical heritage that is commanded by the people of Hadhramout all over the world. HU will always remain a shining light for the society, a leader of change and a resource of qualified staff and a platform for innovation, creativity and excellence.


President of Hadhramout University.
Prof. Mohamed Saeed Khanbash.