An Annual Ceremony; Honor Top Graduates of 2020-2021

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Under the generous patronage of his excellency Mr. Abderabh Mansour Hadi, President of Republic of Yemen, Hadhramout University organized the annual ceremony to honor the top graduates from all specializations in different faculties.

In the ceremony, Prof. Mohammed Saeed Khanbash, HU President, indicated that HU were celebrates today of 23rd  batch of bachelor’s, the 17th batch of master’s , and the 2nd batch of PhD , as well as honoring the graduate cum laude . the number of bachelor’s graduates is about “2328” male and female students, the number of master’s graduates is “170”, and about “12” PhD holders, and thus the university has contributed, since its establishment, to supplying the labor market with more than Thirty-five thousand graduates with bachelor’s degrees in 45 majors, and about 700 graduates with master’s and doctoral degrees, and he said: “Today you have the right to be proud of your graduation, to celebrate your honor, to be proud of you, your family and friends  be proud of you , to share the joy of the celebration, and we as Hadhramout University were proud of you”

At the ceremony, alumni Shimah Al-Rashidi, expressed the happiness and joy of the graduates in arriving at this historic moment, which they had waited for all the years of study , expressing their thanks and appreciation to Hadhramaut University and its wise leadership, which played a prominent role in the educational and academic process of the University’s faculties.

The ceremony was attended by: Prof. Abdullah Saleh Babair, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Prof. Salem Mubarak Al-Obthany, Vice President for Student Affairs, Prof. Hadi Salem Al-Sabban, Vice President for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research, Prof. Abdullah Alawi Aideed, Secretary General of the University, assistants Vice-Presidents, Deans of Faculties, Heads of Scientific Departments, Representatives of Supporting Parties, Faculty Members, Group of Hadhramaut University Students, Male Parents. Postgraduate students and a number of general managers.

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