The Sports Committee Discusses Universities Volleyball Championship Preparations


The sports committee of the 12th University Student Week at Student Affairs Deputyship held a meeting chaired by Mr. Naif Salem Ba-wazir; the Head committee.

The meeting discussed the preparations for the universities volleyball championship which will be held on 20-23 May in ِAl-Faqid Baradm Stadium in Mukalla. The participating universities are Al-Ahqaf, Al-Rayyan, Al-Awael, and Hadhramout.

During the meeting, the head committee drew attention to some aspects of the tournament’s organizing regulations. He urged the universities to participate effectively and wished them good luck and success in the tournament.


Mr. Zaki Bagwigo; the General Director of the Students Activities Department at the Student Affairs Deputyship expressed his thanks and appreciation to the universities for their participation in this tournament. He indicated that the different academic calendars of each university prevented the other universities from this participation and canceled many other competitions. Hadhramout University is the only university that organized this tournament for the year 2023 that will take place in Al-Faqid Baradm Stadium in Mukalla for three days, according to the program prepared for the tournament.

After that, a draw was conducted among the universities to arrange and organize the order of the matches, and the result was as follows:

The First match will be between Al-Awael team and Al-Rayyan team.

The second match will be between Al-Aqaf team and Hadhramout University team. The winner of the two matches will meet in the final match of the Championship Cup.