Hadhramout University Launches the Activities of the First Community Service Week in Mukalla.


The opening session of the first Community Service Week is held at Ali Ahmed Bakatheer Hall in the Presidency of Hadhramout University. Five workshops will be held during the week to discuss several specialized scientific papers on community service.


During the opening session of the week, which began with verses from the Holy Quran, Prof. Mohamed Saeed Khanbash, the President of the University, expressed his happiness at the university’s achievement, according to the university’s plans to celebrate its thirtieth anniversary. Several events held since the start of the celebrations exceeded twenty-one events, including scientific conferences, various symposiums, and different activities. Researchers from the university, national, Arab, and international universities participated in these events.


He added that in the field of promoting females’ education, a specialized faculty for females’ education was established as one of the first faculties established by Hadhramout University, and a women’s education center was established in Dawan Directorate to serve female students. While in the scientific research field, six research centers were established, which are the university’s windows to the community. These centers work on studying the problems in the community to find solutions and provide consultations to government institutions and civil society organizations. In the health field, health services are provided in gynecology, obstetrics, and child care through Hadhramout University Hospital and family medicine through Hadhramout University Family Medicine Center. In addition to specialized medical services, several specialized clinics were opened and the Family Medicine Center was established in the College Complex of Fulk. Hadhramout University also established a Student Services Center in Mukalla and Seiyun to provide student services in the morning and evening. The university distinguished itself in this experience from other universities. He also pointed out that in the field of providing education services to all segments of society, an Open Education faculty was established to provide distance learning services to all segments of society, and Open Education Centers were established in remote areas away from the city of Mukalla to contribute to the university’s mission in the field of community service.


At the end of his speech, the President of Hadhramout University expressed his thanks and appreciation to everyone who contributed to the success of organizing this week, the preparatory committee, the organizing committees of the scientific workshops, and also thanked everyone who had a role in the success of this honorable event for Hadhramout University.


Dr. Abdullah Mohamed bin Thalib delivered a speech on behalf of the organizing committees of the week’s events, in which he indicated that the week would witness five workshops on the integrative relationship between the outcomes of the education faculties at the university and the needs of the labor market, the contributions of postgraduate studies at the university in serving the community, the impact of research centers at the university in serving and developing the community, the role of the university in promoting females’ education, and the social responsibility of Hadhramout University’s Family Medicine Center. These workshops will present a set of papers in various areas related to the topic of each workshop.


The session was attended by Prof. Salem Mubarak Al-Obathani, Vice President of the University for Student Affairs, Prof. Hadi Salem Al-Sabban, Vice President of the University for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research, Prof. Salem Mohamed bin Salman, Assistant Vice President of the University for Student Affairs, Dr. Saleh Aram, Advisor to the Minister of Education, Major General Abdullah Bayashot, General Director of Mukalla City, deans and their deputies, members of Hadhramout University, representatives of civil society organizations, and university students.