Hadhramout University Organizes A Workshop Entitled “Contributions of Postgraduate Studies at the University in Serving the Community”


The workshop was held in Ali Ahmed Bakateer Hall at the university presidency. It is part of the activities of the first Community Service Week organized by Hadhramout University as part of its celebrations of the thirtieth anniversary of its establishment.


The workshop presented two scientific papers, the first entitled “The Origins and Development of Postgraduate Studies at the University” and the second entitled “Community Partnership to Activate the Role of Postgraduate Studies in Serving the Community.” They were presented by Prof. Abdullah Hussein Al-Jufri, Prof. Hasan Obaid Al-Fadhli, Dr. Murad Awadh Bahadi, and Dr. Yasser Abdulqader Al-Jahwari. They discussed the contributions of postgraduate studies since their establishment and their stages of development at the university, as well as the methods of community partnership to activate the role of postgraduate studies in serving the community.


A discussion session occurred and some questions and inquiries were raised by the attendees. The workshop concluded with several recommendations and results that contribute to the development of the postgraduate studies programs for the benefit of the community.


The workshop was attended by Prof. Mohamed Saeed Khanbash, the President of the University, and Prof. Hadi Salem Al-Sabban, the Vice President of the University for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research, Prof. Salem Mohammed bin Salman, Assistant Vice President of the University for Student Affairs, and Mr. Abdullah Alawi Eidid, the Secretary-General of the University, as well as several deans, their deputies, researchers, graduate students, and members of Hadhramout University.