On World Quality Day, the Academic Development and Quality Assurance Center at the University Sponsored A Scientific Event


universities concluded yesterday evening at Ali Ahmed Bakatheer Hall in the Presidency of Hadhramout University. The event was held under the patronage of Dr. Mohamed Saeed Khanbash, the President of Hadhramout University.

The event lasted over three days and was attended by professors from universities such as Hadhramout, Seiyun, Al-Mahra, Aden, Taiz, and Sabah Region and several Malaysian, Egyptian, Libyan, and Iraqi universities.


The training course topic was “Designing and Describing Academic Programs and Courses,” which was presented by the international expert Dr. Mohammed Abdul Latif Al-Sharjabi via Zoom over a period of three days.

The training program aimed to provide participants with practical and applied knowledge and skills necessary for designing and describing academic programs and courses based on learning outcomes by introducing them to modern international methodologies. The course aims to enhance participants’ ability to develop a consistent framework for aligning academic programs and course learning outcomes with the elements of the educational system.

The training program focused on the following learning outcomes:

– Designing academic programs based on beneficiaries’ needs.

– Describing the elements of academic programs according to beneficiaries’ needs.

– Developing a matrix of consistency for the learning outcomes of academic programs and courses.

– Describing academic courses based on the matrix of consistency for the learning outcomes of academic programs and courses.

The program targeted university leaders, scientific departments, staff members, and Personnel responsible for quality assurance and academic accreditation.

Dr. Shawqi Al-Duais, the director of the Monitoring and Evaluation Department at the center, considered the program very beneficial and in line with international quality trends for describing academic programs. It aligns with the university’s efforts to improve its outcomes.


Prof. Hasan Obaid Al-Fadhli, the Deputy Dean of the Faculty of Arts and Humanities for Postgraduate Studies, described the program as beneficial, and the faculties need to improve the courses and improve them.

Dr. Mona Al-Kathiri, a professor of pharmacology at the Nursing Faculty, praised the Academic Development and Quality Assurance Center for fostering team spirit, bringing together national, regional, and international universities, and promoting knowledge and quality awareness on World Quality Day.

Dr. Najla Ahmed Al-Kasadi, a statistics lecturer at Education Faculty, expressed her happiness in joining this course, which opened up new horizons for her to build plans for designing and developing new academic programs for the Education Faculty.

Mr. Ahmed Ali Bahishwan, from the Department of Electronic Engineering and Communications at the Engineering and Petroleum Faculty, pointed out that on the first day, the program addressed content-based educational systems and learning outcomes (employability skills in academic programs, modern methodologies in designing and describing academic programs, main elements in academic programs).


On the second day, the international expert Mohammed Abdul Latif Al-Sharjabi discussed the preparation of academic program elements from program learning outcomes, the curriculum plan, the matrix of consistency between program outcomes and courses, teaching and assessment strategies, and the educational environment for programs.

As for the third and final day, the focus was on modern methodologies in describing academic courses, the main elements of academic programs, preparing course elements, teaching and assessment strategies, and the educational environment for programs.

Each training day has practical activities with interaction and contributions from all participants, achieving the training course’s objectives and desired impact.

Mr. Ahmed Ali Bahshwan also highlighted the interactive format of this training course, attendees’ attentiveness and responsiveness throughout the lectures, and the extensive participation, comments, and discussions during the discussion with the audience. He emphasized the importance of creating cooperation among academics from Hadhramout, Aden, Saba Region, and Al-Ahqaf and enriching the exchange of experiences with regional and international participants from Jordan, Libya, Lebanon, Egypt, and Malaysia. He expressed gratitude and appreciation to the Academic Development and Quality Assurance Center at Hadhramout University, represented by its director, Dr. Abdullah Eidha Bahishwan, for their blessed efforts in the success of such valuable programs, which will have a positive impact on enhancing and ensuring the quality of the outcomes of Hadhramout University and all other participating universities.