Conclusion of the Community Service Week Activities with a Workshop Titled “The Social Responsibility of HU Center for Family Medicine”


A workshop titled “The Social Responsibility of Hadhramout University Center for Family Medicine” was held at the Family Medicine Center of Hadhramout University as part of the first Community Service Week organized by the university to celebrate its thirtieth anniversary. The workshop was attended by Prof. Mohamed Saeed Khanbash, the university president.


The workshop presented two working papers. The first scientific paper was titled “Measuring the Satisfaction of Visitors to the University’s Family Medicine Center: A Field Study,” and the second scientific paper was titled “Funding and Sustainability for the Family Medicine Center.” These papers were presented by Prof. Abdullah bin Gouth, Dr. Abdullah Saeed Al-Hanshi, Dr. Afaf Al-Shadli, and Abdulrahman Bashaeb.


Dr. Afaf Al-Shadli also presented a Reportage on the services provided by the Family Medicine Center, describing its development stages, feedback from beneficiaries, and the responsible entities. The presentation was well received by the attendees.

After that, a discussion and Q&A session took place, where the attendees raised questions and inquiries, and the speakers responded to all of them.

In the end, the president of Hadhramout University honored the contributors to the establishment of the Family Medicine Center and presented them with commemorative shields on this occasion.

The workshop concluded with several recommendations and results that contribute to the development of the Family Medicine Center and its role in serving the community.


The workshop was attended by Assistant Prof. Salem Mohamed bin Salman, Assistant Vice President for Student Affairs, as well as deans of faculties and staff members of Hadhramout University. Dr. Mohamed Saleh Al-Jumahi, the General Director of the Ministry of Public Health and Population Office in Hadhramout, Dr. Khaled Shiban, the President of Ibn Sina General Hospital in Mukalla, and several medical staff at the center were also present.