Hadhramout University Signs Memorandums of Understanding with Iraqi Universities


Prof. Mohamed Saeed Khanbash, President of Hadhramout University, pointed out that the 56th General Conference of the Association of Arab Universities , held in Baghdad, adopted several recommendations and decisions that contribute to enhancing the work of the association. He highlighted the following decisions:

– Acceptance of 22 universities as active members of the association and 11 universities as associate members.

– Exemption of Yemeni universities from overdue fees before 2023 and a decision to reduce fees for Yemeni universities by 50% starting from 2023.

– The conference approved the hosting of the next session in Kuwait.


On the sidelines of the General Conference of the Arab Universities Association in Baghdad, Prof. Mohamed Saeed Khanbash, President of the Hadhramout University, signed memorandums of understanding with three Iraqi universities. The memorandums were signed by Prof. Ali Saleh Hussein, President of the Iraqi University, Prof. Kazem Al-Jubouri, President of Al-Qadisiyah University, and Prof. Sabah Alawi Khalaf, President of Samarra University.

The three memorandums aims to develop and enhance cooperation between Hadhramout University and the three universities in all scientific, research, and technological fields. They also establish a collaborative working relationship to promote scientific collaboration between the University of Hadhramout and the three universities under the laws and regulations of both countries.


It was agreed that these memorandums would embody all the aims and purposes. The universities will work on exchanging information in curricula and scientific research for publishing purposes, organizing joint academic and scientific activities, and conducting training workshops for staff members and students. They also will encourage cooperation in the field of joint scientific supervision.

The memorandums allow the exchange of university professors between Hadhramout University and the three universities to conduct joint scientific research and lectures in their respective fields of expertise and exchange and train undergraduate, master’s, and doctoral students for studies and scientific research. They also promote cooperation in academic accreditation, quality assurance, exchange of experiences, books, information, research papers, and student theses in educational, research, and technological fields to ensure the implementation of the memorandums, form the committees of experts and specialists from Hadhramout University and the three universities. These committees will open new horizons, maintain regular remote communication regarding administrative and financial procedures, facilitate the visits of delegations, and solve any issues in a friendly manner through continuous and direct communication. The memorandums also include provisions related to the legal procedures for the memorandums validity for three years, renewable by prior agreement between Hadhramout University and the three universities.