Universities of Hadhramout Participate in the General Conference of the Association of Arab Universities in Baghdad


Five universities from Hadhramout Governorate in southern Yemen are participating in the General Conference of the Association of Arab Universities in Baghdad, 56th Edition. The conference was attended by presidents of Arab universities and representatives of international organizations interested in higher education and scientific research. The five universities are represented by Prof. Mohamed Saeed Khanbash, President of Hadhramout University, Prof. Mohammed Ashour Al-Kathiri, President of Seiyun University, Prof. Sadiq Omar Maknoon, President of Al-Ahqaf University, Prof. Salem Bafqeer, President of Al- Rayyan University, and Prof. Aboud Al-Abal, President of Al-Arab University.


The presidents of the Hadhramout universities described the conference as an opportunity for universities to build partnerships with other Arab universities, benefit from experiences, and strengthen relations between them. The President of Al-Arab University pointed out that the university’s membership in the association is a great achievement for an emerging university, indicating the efforts of the university’s leadership in scientific and administrative aspects. The President of Al-Rayyan University considered his participation as a continuation of the university’s journey, which began years ago in communicating with the Association Secretariat and several Arab universities. The Vice President of Al-Ahqaf University described their participation as a culmination of the university’s efforts to deepen relations with its Arab counterparts. The President of Seiyun University expressed his pride in the university’s presence at several scientific events in several capitals.


The participants in the General Conference of the Association of Arab Universities visited the exhibition of scientific products of Iraqi universities and held a session for the Arab Universities Association projects in the Al-Hakim Hall at the University of Baghdad. It was chaired by Prof. Amr Azat Salama, the Secretary-General of the Association, and Dr. Waleed Salama, the Advisor to the Arab Universities Association.


The delegations will have the opportunity to participate in a tourist day organized by the University of Baghdad to explore the capital city’s rich historical, scientific, and cultural heritage. The delegations will gradually depart on the next Thursday.