HU Concludes the Activities of the 13th Student Week.

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Hadhramout University concluded the activities of the 13th  Student Week in the closing and honoring ceremony held in the Ali Ahmed Bakathir Hall at the university presidency with the attendance of Prof. Mohamed Saeed Khanbash, President of Hadhramout University, Prof. Salem Mubarak Al-Obathani, Vice President of the University for Student Affairs, Prof. Salem Faraj Bamasoud, Acting Vice President of the University for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research, Prof. Salem Mohammed bin Salman, Assistant Vice President of the University for Student Affairs, and Mr. Abdullah Alawi Eidid, Secretary-General of the University.



The closing ceremony of the activities of the academic year 2023-2024 honored the Yemeni Universities Championship participants in Table Tennis and Chess, the winning research papers in the 9th Student Scientific Conference, and the students who won first places in the Student Creativity Awards competitions.

During the ceremony, the university president, Prof. Mohamed Saeed Khanbash, announced the university’s intention to hold the second international scientific conference next July in fundamental, applied sciences and technology with the participation of Yemeni universities and universities from more than fifteen countries from the Arab world, Africa, Europe, and America. He pointed out that committees will be formed to prepare for the 14th  Student Week and to think about new mechanisms for holding the tenth edition of the student conference.


Furthermore, he offered congratulations to all university members for the success of the 13th  Student Week and for the students who won the first three places. He pointed out that during the next week, the preparatory committees for the 14th  Student Week will be reconstituted, as well as the committee for the tenth student conference and student creativity awards; to add new fields to student competitions, and a new mechanism will be developed for these activities through the possibility of preparation; for the tenth student conference to be international, and to contribute to opening new fields for students in the world. He also pointed out that the university is preparing for the largest historical event in Hadhramout, as more than fifteen countries from the world will participate in the second international conference on fundamental, applied sciences and technology. The university president concluded his speech by emphasizing the provision of an opportunity for the winning students to participate externally in student gatherings


Student Fatima Al-Kaf presented a speech on behalf of the participants in which she expressed their thanks and appreciation to the university presidency and the Student Affairs Deputyship for their support of these diverse student activities that contribute to the development of young people and develop the personality of the university student in achieving positivity. In addition to the scientific study and social relationships to help them enter the labor market. He pointed out that Hadhramout University has multiple student clubs that contribute to highlighting students’ creativity, and talents and refining their various skills.



The closing ceremony included a program of artistic and theatrical segments, a documentary film about the activities and events of the 13th  Student Week, as well as an educational operetta presented by the university students participating in the Student Week activities, which won the admiration and appreciation of the attendees.

At the end of the ceremony, the university leadership honored the contributing and supporting bodies by presenting shields and honoring the working committees, student clubs, and the winning scientific research papers in the ninth student scientific conference with certificates of appreciation. The winners of the first three places in the Yemeni Universities Championship in Chess and Table Tennis were also honored and they were presented with certificates, championship cups, and prizes. Finally, a group photo was taken with the winning students in the various activities of the 13th  Student Week at Hadhramout University.