Hadhramout University Concludes “My Profession in Hand 7” Program Activities


A closing ceremony was held in the Ali Ahmed Bakathir Hall at the Hadhramout University Presidency to conclude the activities of the “My Profession in Hand 7” program for career development and business support for graduates. The program was implemented by Nader Al-Nouri Academy for Nobles in partnership with Hadhramout University and funded by the Selah Development Foundation under the patronage of Prof. Mohamed Saeed Khanbash, President of Hadhramout University.

The ceremony began with verses from the Holy Quran, followed by a speech by Prof. Salem Mubarak Al-Obathani, Vice President of Hadhramout University for Student Affairs. He emphasized the university’s interest in graduate students and its efforts to help them find job opportunities through training and qualification. He pointed out that the university has post-graduation programs to prepare graduates to become leaders. He called on the supporting and implementing bodies of this program to continue it in the coming years to evaluate the projects. He also noted that Hadhramout University contributes to building leadership personalities and pays great attention to the student training sector. The university has a student training center, the only one of its kind in Yemeni universities. He confirmed that the university will send a number of its students to Oman for training soon. He also mentioned that the first entrepreneurship incubator has been established to implement various programs. He called on the deans of colleges to develop programs within the colleges that contribute to the qualification of students. He said, “We have an idea to invest in the student projects that are presented and discussed in the student scientific conference to serve the community.”


From his part, Mr. Mohammed Abdullah bin Silem, Director of Nader Al-Nouri Academy for Nobles in Mukalla, indicated that the graduation stage is one of the most difficult stages for students as they face great challenges in entering the labor market. He pointed out that the academy provides the opportunity for training to enter the labor market, hence the idea of this program in partnership with Hadhramout University. He said that the participants presented 27 projects and were trained in three programs. He emphasized that the partnership with Hadhramout University has yielded the success of the program. He thanked the project evaluation committee, the ceremony, and the Student Affairs Deputyship at Hadhramout University for their continuous support throughout the program, wishing them success and prosperity.


A video was presented during the ceremony, narrating the stages, steps, and successes of the “My Profession in Hand 7” program. It also presented models of practical training and entrepreneurial projects, which were admired and appreciated by the attendees.

After that, the participating graduate students presented a brief overview of their projects in front of the evaluation committee and the audience to present the idea and stages of creating various projects in various fields.


The event was attended by Prof. Salem Mohammed bin Salman, Assistant Vice President of Hadhramout University for Student Affairs, several college deans, staff members, students of Hadhramout University, and several presidents of other private universities.