Arabic Language 


Overview Of Arabic Language

the Department was established in 1964  as one of the scientific Departments of the Faculty of Education, which was  affiliated with Aden University. After that the Department became one of the Departments of the Faculty of Arts at Hadhramout University in 2015.

Our Department offers three specialized programs in Arabic language and its Literature as follow:

  1. The Bachelor’s program in Arabic language and its literature.
  2. The Master’s program in Arabic language and its literature in the field of language and syntax.
  3. The Master’s program in Arabic language and its literature in the field of literature and criticism.


To be a leading Department in achieving qualified outcomes in Arabic Language and to contribute to enrich knowledge and community development.


To provide an outstanding program, graduate well-qualified graduates in Arabic Language to meet the development needs, community service and enrich knowledge through education, scientific research, publication, translation and the perfect implementation of technology.


  1. To prepare well-qualified graduates to the comprehensive development.
  2. To prepare top Arabic Language teachers in the various education stages and institutions.
  3. To look after the talent students in various arts in order to qualify them and improve their talents.
  4. To provide training and consultation courses to some public and private institutions.
  5. To serve the scientific and intellectual heritage of Hadhramout and for the whole Republic through the scientific research.
  6. To qualify specialized lecturers continuously in the Arabic Language sciences to do their job perfectly.

Faculty Programs


Description of Courses :

Bachelor Program

Description of Courses :