The Department of Geography, one of the scientific departments of  the Faculty of Arts, dates back to the seventies (1975) when it was affiliated with the Faculty of Science, Art and Education of Aden University. At that time, it became one of its departments aiming to qualify teachers and researchers in geography.

since establishing the Faculty of Arts at HU in 2005, the Department of Geography has become one of its departments. Over a long period of time, it has gained experience in developing students’ scientific knowledge. In fact, our Department has graduated more than nine batches so far as follow:

Total Ninth Batch, 20017 Eighth Batch, 20016 Seventh Batch, 2015 Sixth Batch, 20014 Fifth Batch, 20013 Fourth Batch, 20012 Third Batch, 2011 Second Batch, 2010 First Batch , 2009 Batch
297 49 48 39 40 30 29 18 28 16 Male
65 3 8 8 1 8 3 13 15 6 Female
362 52 56 47 41 38 32 31 43 22 Total
At present, many of the graduates contribute to sustainable development of the Republic of Yemen and even in some Arab Gulf countries. In addition to that the Master’s program has been newly established, from which two batches have been graduated to date, and the third one is expected to be graduated at the end of the year in order to contribute to the preparation and acceleration of sustainable development.
Currently, the number reaches (207) male and female students, studying for the Bachelor’s degree and  distributing as follow: (46) in their fourth year, (49) in  their third year,  (52) in  their second year and (60) in their first year. In addition to that there are (5)  students study for the Master’s degree in their research phase, and  other (8) in their preparatory phase for the academic year 2016-2017.
This Department has also established relationships with other Departments of Geography in public and private universities. For example several members of the Department judged research papers in order to publish them in scientific journals issued by other Universities, they also judged researches written by some of the faculty members to promote them, and participated in discussing theses. In addition to that some of the members supervised researches written by Master’s degree students in geography at Hadhramout and Aden Universities.


To be a pioneering department in studying and analyzing geographical phenomena, and contribute to planning and analysis as well as cope with modern technologies.


To prepare highly qualified individuals and deepen the concept of applied training in order to meet the society needs locally and regionally.


Providing students with basic knowledge in geography.

Helping students acquire effectively intellectual and scientific skills in geography.

Providing public and private sectors with qualified cadres in geography.

Developing an exact strategy in the future for:

  • Developing the existing computer laboratory through providing it with the latest hardware and software.
  • Establishing a general geographical laboratory.
  • Establishing a climate educational observatory.
  • Establishing a digital library, and connecting it up with global libraries.
  • Activating cultural agreements between the Faculty and other Universities.
  • Expanding foreign academic scholarships in the newly established disciplines due to a lack of  qualified cadres.
  • Holding training courses for faculty members to keep up to date with developments in science and technology related to their field.
  • Providing public and private sectors with qualified cadres.




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