Faculty Library


The library is a maim pillar of the educational process in the Faculty. Since its establishment, the Deanships of the Faculty have been providing both professors and students with specialized, scientific and methodology books. Over the past years, the Faculty was provided with a number of scientific books in order to meet the minimum requirements for the academic education  . The Deanships also seek to provide the Faculty library with new books annually, as far as the financial allocations allow. Currently, the library has more than nine thousand books in the fields of Administrative Sciences, and more than hundred scientific periodicals. In fact, the Deanships of the Faculty  have been  striving, within the permitted allocations, to provide valuable scientific books and periodicals, which are purchased from international book fairs, whether held in or outside Yemen.

The number of books and periodicals.

No. Faculty Books No. Periodicals No.
1 Arts 20199 201
2 Administrative Sciences 9230 152
3 Environmental Science & Marine Biology 3126 36


The number of library staff reaches six, as follow:

No. Name Role
1 Omer Juma’an  Al-Obeidi Director of the Library Department
2 Awad Mohammed Hantoosh

Head of the Technical Department


3 Fuad Ahmed Ibin Abidat Head of the Circulation Department
4 Ayad Saleh Al-Katheri

Head of the Technical Department


5 Obood Salim Bazarah Specialist of the Night Shift