Political Science Department


Overview of Political Science


This department seeks to contribute to the scientific, cultural, and social development of students, staff members, and their assistants, develop the graduate’s knowledge and skills they need to be successful in the labor market. In addition to contribute to the development of political science awareness at the national, Arab, and international levels


  1. Preparing and qualifying students well by providing them with a high level of knowledge in Various fields of political science.
  2. Supporting and guiding scientific research to meet political and social development, and to provide proposals on various current political issues.
  3. Developing students’ ability to analyze, develop and predict political phenomena, developments, and mechanisms.
  4. Meeting the labor market’s needs for well-qualified human resources in political science at the national, Arab, and international levels.
  5. Promoting political belonging to the homeland by preparing qualified elitist leaders capable of active contributions in the political field and international relations.
  6. Planning to develop the department’s capabilities to open and support the future postgraduate program.

Academic Programs