Signs A Cooperation Agreement between Arts and Humanities Faculty at HU and Media Faculty at Aden University.


In the attended of Prof. Adel Al-Abadi, The Acting president of Aden University, prof. Wahib Mahdi Fadl Aziban, Dean of the Media Faculty at Aden University signed on Wednesday, a cooperation agreement with the Art and Humanities Faculty in HU, represented by Dr. Mohammed Awadh Barshead, the Faculty Dean.

During the signing, Dr. Adel Al-Abadi, welcomed a cooperation agreement between the two Faculties and regarded this agreement as a great achievement for the two universities. He commended the efforts of the Media Faculty and the Faculty of Arts in Hadhramout despite the circumstances of the current situation.

The two sides of the agreement discussed cooperation between the two faculties in the academic, scientific, and research fields and many other areas to contribute to the development and improvement of the quality of the academic process.

After signing the agreement, the delegation of the Hadhramout University honored the President of Aden University, Dr. Al-Khader Laswar, and the Dean of the Media Faculty, Dr. Wahib Aziban, with a shield for their significant contributions to the framework of his academic work.

The signing of the agreement was attended by the Acting President of Aden University prof. Adel al-Abadi, General Director of Educational Affairs at Aden University, prof. Abbas Alawi, Assistant Vice President for Postgraduate Affairs and Scientific Research, prof. Salim Nasser, Assistant Vice President for Academic Affairs, prof. Huda Basalaim, Director of the Centre for Continuing Education, prof. Mohamed Bawazir Director of Postgraduate Studies at the Faculty of Media, Ms. Rana Al-Hataibi. From Hadhramout University, Dean of the Faculty of Education in Mukalla Dr. Saeed Belafair, and a staff member at Hadhramout University, Dr. Khaled Belkhasher.