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The establishment of the Department of Journalism and Media at HU found a wide echo in the governorate of Hadhramaut. Before establishing the Department, the Hadhrami students had dreamt about, why not? And Hadhramaut is the capital of civilization, thought and culture. The Department also opened new vistas for an important segment of society, namely (The Hadhrami girl) who had missed the opportunity to study the media in other universities. At last, the dream came true for the young media talents in Hadhramaut.

The Department was established as one of the departments of the Faculty of Arts in 2010 in accordance with the HU Council decision No. (179/2009) and No. (32/2010). The Department started with the Journalism Division, which reached 32 female and male students in its first year, and then reached 158 male and female students in its third year. In addition to that the Department is full of distinguished cadres who have been taking upon themselves to contribute to build this academic media edifice, and sincerely move towards the desired goals.


the Department of Journalism and Media seeks to be a pioneering academic institution in Hadhramout, working to preserve the national and cultural identity of our nation. It also seeks to achieve a higher level of excellence in capabilities and competencies to prepare and qualify students in the field of media to meet the needs of society.


The Department aims to build the journalistic and media personality to qualify it culturally, cognitively, academically and ethically. It also aims to develop creative thinking skills, and to provide students with specialized scientific skills.


  1. To provide students with scientific knowledge essential to   be competitors in the labor market.
  2. To provide the media sector with young energies and qualified media cadres.
  3. Securing studies and competencies necessary for developing the media sector and the affairs of profession.
  4. To offer high quality programs and curricula that keep pace with modern communication technology.
  5. To develop the communicative relationship with the local community and delivering the best possible services in the field of community development to possibly make an impact on the daily life of the members of this community.
  6. To encourage scientific research and the spirit of research and development among the faculty members to serve the educational process.
  7. To seek to a scientific root in order to reach a higher level of media which is committed to transparency, credibility, objectivity and professional ethics.
  8. To develop partnerships with media organizations in the community and encouraging mutual cooperation with them.

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