Arts Faculty – HU Awards a Master’s Degree to the Researcher Saeed Omar Al-Haddad


The Examination Committee awards the researcher Saeed Omar Ali Al-Haddad on Tuesday, 5/31/2022  for his master’s thesis entitled (Sheikh Muhammad bin Salem Al-Bayhani and his reform efforts from 1908 to 1972 – a historical study) after the Viva –voce examination took place in the Higher Studies Hall at Arts Faculty, Hadhramout University.

Prof. Khalid Salem Bawazeer; Chairman of the Committee and internal examiner, described the thesis as distinct, characterized by sound methodology and sobriety of expression, as well as accurate documentation of references. He referred to a number of observations that will not diminish the importance of the scientific thesis, but rather increase its significance .

In addition, Dr. Salem Nasser Jadaa; associate professor and external examiner from the University of Aden, commended on the subject of the thesis, as well as the supervisor, Dr. Thabet Saleh Al-Yazidi, who describing the thesis as serious objectivity in its study of one of the scholars recognized for his scientific standing at that time, which researchers will benefit from in The field of history at Hadhramout university and other universities. Sheikh Muhammad bin Salem Al-Bayhani is considered one of the famous scholars of competence, and the thesis is a scientific research and a research effort of importance in historical studies.

From his part, the scientific supervisor of the thesis, Dr. Thabet Saleh Al-Yazidi, praised the researcher and his thesis, appreciating the effort made by him.

The researcher had presented at the beginning of the session a summary of the thesis significance, in which he indicated that one of the reasons for choosing this topic is the importance and effectiveness of this character in his time, and the effects he left on society.

The study answered a number of questions, including: The extent of Sheikh Al-Bayhani’s influence on the surrounding environment, his vision of the reform that he seeks to achieve his goals, the efforts he made, his stances on the issues he experienced, and his various relations with society, both rulers and ruled. Moreover, the thesis revealed the role of Sheikh Al-Bayhani as one of the prominent figures in society. It also consisted of an introduction, four chapters, a conclusion and appendices and a number of recommendations, including: Directing universities and scientific centers to take care of studying the lives of reform and enlightenment men and highlight their efforts. As well as recommending deeper and more comprehensive studies on this science, and for the Ministries of Higher Education and Scientific Research and Education to include the biographies of such social figures in their curricula.

The examination session was attended by a number of staff members and their assistants, and the researcher’s family and friends.