Conclusion of the Political Science Course Description Workshop


The Political Science Course Description Workshop concluded in the Egyptian capital, Cairo. It was organized by the Arts and Humanities Faculty at Hadhramout University in partnership with the Political Science department at Cairo University. The workshop is funded by the Benevolent Fund for Outstanding Students in Egypt and sponsored by the Yemeni Embassy in the Arab Republic of Egypt.


The workshop, which took place at the Yemeni Cultural Center, aimed to improve and develop the course descriptions of Political Science at Hadhramout University and provide a platform for interaction and discussion among staff members and students. It occurred in the attendance of staff members and students from Hadhramout University and professors from Cairo University at the Arab and international levels. 


Dr. Mohammad Awadh Barshaid, the Dean of the Arts and Humanities faculty at Hadhramout University, expressed his satisfaction with the organization of this workshop and the collaboration between Hadhramout and Cairo Universities. He highlighted the importance of developing academic curricula for the faculty. He affirmed that this workshop will enhance the quality of course descriptions and the development of Political Science courses at Hadhramout University and strengthen the academic and cultural relations between the two universities.

He added that this workshop is a unique experience and an opportunity for communication and cooperation between Hadhramout and Cairo Universities in the field of Political Science, further solidifying the position of both universities as leading academic institutions.


Dr. Salah Medshal, the Head of the Political Science Department at Hadhramout University, praised the efforts made by the Egyptian staff to ensure the success of the workshop, emphasizing the historical relationship that binds our country with the Egyptian people.


It is worth mentioning that this workshop was based on the outcomes of a previous workshop held last year in Cairo titled “Towards Teaching Political Science in the Arab World.” At the end of the workshop, the supporters, sponsors, and participants were honored in recognition of their valuable efforts and contributions in enhancing the quality of scientific course descriptions, with Dr. Omar Bamahsoon, the founder of the Benevolent Fund for Outstanding Students, being among the distinguished honorees.