Vice President for Academic Affairs Discusses the Media Department Programs At Arts Faculty


A meeting was held to discuss the programs of the Media Department at Arts Faculty. It was chaired by Prof. Abdullah Saleh Babair; Vice President for Academic Affairs, who stressed the need to take into account the resolution of the University Council regarding the establishment of two academic programs for the Media Department at Arts Faculty, in the fields of journalism, radio and television. In a way that consistent with the academic programs, and their manual which were approved by the Academic Accreditation Council in the Republic of Yemen .

It was held in the Dean’s office at Arts faculty , in the presence of Prof. Muhammad Awadh Barshaid, Prof. Hasan Obaid Al-Fadhli;  Deputy Dean for postgraduate Studies, Scientific Research and Quality, Dr. Khalid Awadh bin Makhashin; Deputy Dean for Academic Affairs, Dr. Ahmed Salmeen bin Mansour; Head of the Media Department at the faculty and  Dr. Adeeb Ahmed Al-Shatry, Ahmed Zain Bahmaid and Moniya Muhammad Bakathir; faculty members  in the department.

He explained that this meeting comes to discuss the comments submitted by the Academic Development and Quality Assurance Center on the program document submitted by the faculty, and how to implement these observations urgently.

From his part, the Dean of the faculty praised the University’s sponsorship of  Arts faculty, its activities, departments, all programs,  and the Media Department in particular, because of its importance in graduating cadres who assume their national and societal responsibilities. This meeting was concluded with the formation of a follow-up committee to accomplish  the tasks as soon as possible.