Students of Journalism and Media Department Celebrate Preparations to Discuss Graduation Research


Thursday 11/8/2022

Dr. Khaled Awad bin Makhashin, deputy Dean of Faculty of Arts for Academic Affairs urged fourth-level students in the Department of Journalism and Media to pay attention to reading . This came in a guiding speech to him during a ceremony for the department’s students yesterday, on the occasion of the conclusion of the last day of study in the semester, and to prepare to discuss graduation research , have the exams of the second semester, and the completion of the bachelor’s stage.

He added: The interest in the English language is important for the journalist; To reach news and information sources in a way that guarantees him work in the field of international media.

For his part, Dr. Ahmed Salmeen bin Mansour, Head of the Media and Press Department, expressed his happiness to see the students concluding an academic year, which is their last year in faculty seats, wishing them success and payment in the future of their days, stressing that the department and their professors will remain in touch to serve them and provide advice and guidance.

In turn, the professors of the department, Dr. Wajdi Abdul Rahman Bawazir, Professor Ahmed Zain Bahmid, Professor Heba Bahusein, and Professor Minya Bakathir, expressed their appreciation for this influential moment in the course of the study of the department, calling on the students to succeed in advancing media work, especially since this batch calls itself (Voice of the World 2022 ). ), and that they must convey a media message that contributes to building society through sober and honest writing, and conveying the truth without falsifying the facts.

at the same time , the students expressed their appreciation to their professors during the years of study, for their efforts in order to achieve success for the students.