Bachelor’s Program Description of Media and Journalism Department at Arts and Humanities Faculty


The program description committee concluded the final discussion of the Bachelor’s program for the Media and Journalism Department at Arts and Humanities Faculty- Hadhramout University, Journalism and Publishing, and Radio and Television. 

A discussion session held today, chaired by Prof. Hassan Obaid Al-Fadhli, the Deputy Dean of the Faculty for Postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research, in the presence of Dr. Shawqi Al-Duais, representative of the Academic Development and Quality Assurance Center, Dr. Ahmed Salmeen Bin Mansour, the Head of Media and the Journalism Department, along with staff members and their assistants Dr. Adeeb Ahmed Al-Shatari, Mr. Ahmed Zain Bahmaid, and Ms. Munia Muhammad Bakatheer.

The Deputy Dean indicated that the meeting had intensive discussions that will serve as a scientific guide for the Journalism and Media Department.

Dr. Ahmed Mansour, the Head of the Media and Journalism Department, stated that the Bachelor’s program description in the department, after branching into the Journalism and Publishing branch and Radio and Television branch, represents a qualitative leap for the department in graduating batches of media professionals and journalists who will play an active role in the field of journalism and media in general.