Hadhramout University Awards the Researcher Nawaf Saeed Saleh Al-Nawb the Master’s Degree in Science


The viva- voce examination on the M.A. thesis of the researcher Nawaf Saeed Saleh Al-Nawb from the Life sciences Department at Sciences Faculty was held in Mukalla. The thesis is entitled ” Conducting Tests on Blood Donors for Transmissible Infections at The National Blood Transfusion and Research Center in Hadhramout Coast. ”

The examination committee consisted of:

Prof. Alawi Ahmed Maknon; Chairman and Internal Examiner.

Dr. Omer Hasan Barahim; Member and External Examiner.

Dr. Eidha Ali Bin Hamid; Member and Supervisor.

The examination committee praised the efforts made by the researcher in conducting the thesis. they recommended her with several remarks and encouraged her to complete her study. After that they approved to award her the master’s degree in science.

The examination was attended by the deanship of the faculty, the head of the department, staff members, researchers and the researcher’s family and friends.