Research lab


Most universities in developing countries have focused on the teaching process more than scientific research and community service for several reasons, some of them are reflected in the high teaching volume of some staff members and the lack of financial resources allocated to the scientific research, as well as the lack of required research equipment and services.
In light of the importance of scientific research and the presence of scientific competencies at Hadhramout University, the university president approved the establishment of a research laboratory in Science College to serve and encourage scientific research in the field of natural sciences. This will help to overcome obstacles and provide support in accordance with the scientific research and university regulations.
The establishment of the research laboratory at Science College is considered an achievement of the university’s mission and objectives in general and the mission and objectives of Science College in particular, by providing an appropriate infrastructure for scientific research for staff members and postgraduate programs. In a manner that enhances the scientific research system and accesses to scientific publishing to internationally approved levels. In addition to achieving quality standards and academic accreditation for university programs and consolidating community partnership.
Moreover, Al-Awn Foundation for Development played the largest role in establishing the research laboratory at Science College by providing research devices, laboratory equipment and furniture. Also, the postgraduate Studies and Scientific Research deanship and Science College adopted the provision of the place and the preparation of its infrastructure.
Lab equipment:
(FT-IR Spectrometer) Measurement of the infrared Fourier-transform interference absorption spectrum of solids, liquids and gases, and it works in the range 350-7800 cm-1. It is used to determine the active groups in organic and inorganic compounds of chemical compounds, also called a fingerprint device because it distinguishes these groups from each other in the examination samples.
FT-IR Spectrometer Device
UV-Visible/NIR Spectrophotometer device for measuring the absorption of ultraviolet and visible rays in the near range from 190 to 900 nanometers (nm). It measures in high accuracy the electronic absorption of organic, inorganic and biological compounds to identify and quantify these compounds
Device (UV-Visible/NIR Spectrophotometer)

  1. A Spinning thin membranes device (Spin Coater) which is used to prepare different types of thin membranes at different spin speeds.

(Digital microscope Device) Equipped with a 5-megapixel camera and a 10-inch touch screen tablet computer. The device zooms the small particles and samples of tissue slides by means of its built-in magnification lenses and captures high-quality images of them. The video clips can be filmed and displayed on the computer or saved by the device-related USB.
Rotary evaporator Device
It is used to remove organic chemical solvents from the reaction vessel at low molecular pressures using a gas and oil pump and at different temperatures without compromising the molecular structure of the reactant. It is also used to isolate extraction solvents from the components of natural products without compromising its chemical composition