Life Sciences


Overview Of Life Sciences

A preparatory committee was formed to study the possibility of establishing a college of medicine at Hadhramout University (HU). The committee decided to start the teaching process in the academic year 1997 / 1998. Therefore, the College received the first batch of students in September of the same year and graduated in August 2003. After that, 2 academic programs were launched at the College: Doctor of Pharmacy (Pharm D) in 2012, and Medical Laboratory in 2013. The graduates are granted Bachelor Degree in the following fields:

  1. General Medicine & Surgery.
  2. Pharmacy.
  3. Medical Laboratories.


We strive to establish a modern college in teaching medical professions in Yemen that meets the needs of the community health at the national, regional and global levels.


To train and provide the graduates with knowledge, skills and behavior that enable them to cope with health challenges and changes at the national, regional and global levels.


  1. To qualify the graduates to be psychologically prepared and well-behaved to work efficiently in the field of therapeutic, preventive and rehabilitative health care.
  2. To create the integrated personality of the graduate, and develop his/her ability to collect, analyze, conclude and solve health problems in the society as well as to think independently and to make the appropriate decision.
  3. To develop the graduates through work and life-long learning programs.
  4. To activate and direct the scientific research towards health problems in the region, and to use its results that are related to society.
  5. To contribute effectively by its students and academic staff as well as provide and develop direct health services for social development.
  6. To instill values and genuine humane achievements of the Arab Islamic Civilization into the graduate as a motive to build the future as well as develop the spirit and faith of the Arab nation future in order to make the graduate capable of facing and solving society problems.

Faculty’s Programs