Faculty Library


Since its establishment in 1997, the Library of the College of Medicine and Health Sciences has been keen to provide its services to students and researchers in the fields of specialization of the College. It also has two branches: a branch at the College of Fluk and a branch at the College of Fuwah. The total area of the library of Fuwah is 220m2while the library of Fluk has an area of 260m2.

Fuwah Library

Fluk Library




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Fuwa Library includes a photocopier and a printer while Fluk Library includes three computers for electronic lending

Library Services :

  • Guidance Service: To guide the beneficiaries to the appropriate resource locations within the library.
  • Borrowing Service: Library staff helps all beneficiaries and visitors to organize borrowing books and finding them. Also borrowing in the library of Fluk takes place through the program (koha), which is a system of electronic borrowing in the library
  • Journals Unit: In this unit, the library provides some monthly journals for the beneficiaries from both Arabic and Western countries including the American Journal of Medicine, Medical Education and the University of Hadhramout. This is in addition to the College’s subscription in the Hinari service, which provides access to more than 7500 international medical journals.

Electronic Library : It is equipped with 40 computers in the College of Fluk and 12 computers in the College of Fuwah. And it includes:
Internet Unit :the electronic library gives the beneficiaries the chance to use the internet through the connected computers for free.
The Unit of the Electronic Points(E. Points) :It is a new service which depends on the collection of electronic information sources that are related to the medical books. The students of Library Friends Association collected these electronic sources from electronic books and videos.