Hadhramout University Awards the Researcher Yeslam Khalid Bin Zaidan a Master’s Degree in Life Sciences at Faculty of Science


The Viva-Voce examination on the MA thesis was held in the examination hall in Al-Ghalila complex, by  the researcher Yeslam Khalid Yeslam Mubarak bin Zaidan from the Department of Life Sciences, Faculty of Science, Hadhramout University. It is entitled ” using bee honey and sheep’s milk as vital indicators of environmental pollution with cadmium, lead and arsenic in some areas of Hadhramout Coast”.

The examination committee consisted of Prof. Muhammad Saeed Khanbash; chairman and Internal examiner, Prof. Alawi Ahnd Maknoon; scientific supervisor and Dr. Nada Sheikh Mol Al-Duwailah; external examiner.

The examination committee praised the efforts made by the researcher in collecting and preparing the thesis, and suggested a number of recommendations to improve it. It also approved granting researcher Yeslam Khalid Mubarak bin Zaidan a master’s degree in Life Sciences, Faculty of Science, Hadhramout University.