Hadhramout University Awards The Researcher Lamia Hadi Belksah Master’s Degree at Science Faculty


The Viva- voce examination on M.A thesis was held in the examination hall at Al Ghalila Complex by the researcher Lamia Saeed Hadi Belksah from Life Sciences Department at Hadhramout University. It titled Antibiotic resistance patterns of isolated pathogenic bacteria from acute otitis media patients in Mukalla city – Hadhramout.

The examination committee consisted of

Dr. Edha Ali Hmaid; Chairperson & Internal Examiner.

Dr. Widad Muhammad Al Haiq; Supervisor.

Dr. jalal Muhammad Al Saqaf; External Examiner.

The committee praised the efforts made by the researcher in collecting data and it gave recommendations to improve the research. It approved to award the researcher the master’s degree in Life Sciences.