Hadhramout University Awards the Researcher Wadha Saleh Saad Al-Namer the Master’s Degree in Science


The viva- voce examination on the M.A thesis was held in the examination hall at Al-Ghalilah Complex by the researcher Wadha Saleh Saad Al-namer from Chemical Department at Hadhramout University. It titled” Preparation and characterization of nickel oxide nanoparticles by chemical precipitation and their effectiveness against the activity of pathogenic bacteria”. The examination committee consists of

  • Prof. Shaif Muhammad Qasim Saleh; Chairperson and External Examiner- University of Aden.
  • Dr. Abdulrahman Yousef Wahood; Internal Examiner – Hadhramout University
  • Dr. Mahmoud Muhammad Ali Saleh; Supervisor- Hadhramout University.

The committee praised the efforts that were made by the researcher in collecting data, motivating her to complete her studies. It approved to award the researcher the master’s degree in science.

The examination session was attended by the deanship of the faculty, head department, number of staff members, some researchers and the researcher’s family and friends