HU Awards the Master’s Degree to the Researcher Abdullah Awadh Abdoun in the Chemistry Department


The Viva- -Voce examination on the M.A. thesis of the researcher Abdullah Awadh Abdoun was held in Mukalla. The thesis is entitled(The Effort Estimation of Serotonin Receptor Antagonists in Pharmaceutical Preparations Using Selective Membranes).

The examination committee consisted of:

Dr.Adel Ahmed Mohammed Saeed, Chairman and External Examiner.

Dr. Muneer Saeed Abd, Internal Examiner.

Dr. Mohammed Saleh Bashnini, Supervisor.


The examination committee praised the efforts made by the researcher in collecting and preparing the thesis, and it presented several recommendations to improve the aesthetic image of the research. The examination was approved to award the researcher a master’s degree in the Sciences Faculty. The examination was attended by the Dean of the Faculty, several Staff Members, researchers, the researcher’s family, and friends.